Three new Go Virtual Systems on Top500

The 40th Top500 list was announced on November 12, 2012, in Salt Lake City at the Supercomputing conference. Go Virtual has in close collaboration with our customers and partners sold and delivered three new systems during the last six months which have been qualified for the Top500. The new systems are:

Rank 82 – Triolith, National Supercomputing Center, Linköpings universitet

 The system consists of 1.196 compute servers totalling to 19.136 cores with a theoretical peak capacity of 336.794 GFLOPS and 303.736 GFLOPS achievable.

Rank 215 – Volvo Car Group

The system is based on the HP Cluster Platform 3000 and consists of 436 compute servers with totally 6.976 cores providing a peak compute capacity of 145.101 GFLOPS and 123.335 GFLOPS achievable.Â

Rank 236 – Karlsruher Institut für Technologie (KIT)

The system is based on the HP Scale Out series of servers and consists of 408 servers with a total of 6.528 cores providing a peak compute capacity of 136 TFLOPS and 115 TFLOPS achievable.

In addition to these three systems the previously delivered government system remains on the list, but now on rank 311.