Go Virtual @SC’16, Nov 13 – 17 in Salt Lake City

Go Virtual is attending the SC16 to explore innovative solutions, future plans and roadmaps that may significantly improve the competitive advantage for our customers.

Go Virtual has deep system architect expertise to engage with customers and determine the best solution, in terms of performance versus price, for their environment and workloads to provide computational clusters and resources to the industry and universities in the Nordics and Germany. Our target is to bring the latest innovations home from SC16 to leverage even more strategic value and competitive solutions to our clients.

Let’s ensure we have time to meet at SC16.

If you would like to connect with us at SC16 to discuss potential collaboration, please contact us by phone or email;

Ulf Grimsand, Sales Mgr, Phone: +46 73?069 98 21, Mail: ulf.grimsand@govirtual.se

Staffan Hansson, Sales Mgr, Phone: +46 73?069 98 29, Mail: staffan.hansson@govirtual.se

Peter Bolte, Technical Director, Phone: +49?160 97657655, Mail: peter.bolte@govirtual.eu

About Go Virtual:

Go Virtual has been designing and delivering high-end solutions for over fourteen years. We have the technological know-how and experience necessary in the high performance computing industry to ensure that you get an exceptional product at the best price. Whether called upon to design a system based on objectives or respond to your exacting specifications, our team of high performance computing professionals works to ensure that client needs are clearly understood and met. We work closely with you through every step of the process to develop a high performance computing configuration that meets your requirements.