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End to end HPC

We offer end to end HPC services from conceptual phases to maintenance and support.

HPC Assessment Service

  • Capture needs and requirements for business stakeholders.
  • Capture policies and strandards from IT stakeholders.
  • Recommendation on conceptual HPC environment.

HPC Turn Key Cluster integration Service

  • Hardware and software integrated and configured.
  • Ready to use system.

Premium HPC System Assistance

  • Advanced Problem Identification.
  • Assistance to resolve issues related to the HPC system where the issue is either:
    Related to a product not supported by another vendor, OR undefined, i.e. it is not know which part of the system causes the problem.
  • Escalation management.
  • ISV collaboration.

HPC Cluster Managed Services

  • HPC cluster operations
  • SPOC Service Desk
  • Customer support services
  • Integrated customer service request
  • Remote resolution services
  • ITIL aligned processes
    Escalation and notification
    Root cause analysis
    Change management
    Problem management

Supercomputers – Our Expertise

Professionally designed supercomputers

GoVirtual designs and integrates supercomputers streamlined to accelerate your virtual development.

Through well built high performance computing we equipe our customers with more data, less prototypes, and better problem solving capacity. In other words, we help you compute to compete.



NICE DCV and EnginFrame are widely used by engineers and designers in the automotive and aerospace industry, providing access to run powerful distributed simulation applications such as CFD and FEA software from Ansys, Siemens, Open Foam, Abaqus and many other vendors, all from a web browser. NICE productivity tools are used to manage aerodynamic simulations, structural analysis, NVH simulations, thermal transfer, combustion, and simulations for next-generation powertrains used in hybrid and electric vehicles.

EnginFrame makes it easy to run distributed workloads and manage associated data, using an intuitive web form to send workloads to the cluster or cloud, instead of having to use a complex command line script. Visualization of the simulation output is possible with DCV, which provides powerful 3D graphics capabilities to display even the most complex 3D models in real time with very low latency and adaptive bandwidth management.

EnginFrame simplifies the process of running distributed workloads and managing data, with an easy-to-use web form to send workloads to clusters or the cloud, eliminating the need for complex command line scripts. DCV enables visualization of simulation output with powerful 3D graphics capabilities, allowing real-time display of even the most complex 3D models with low latency and adaptive bandwidth management.


Benefits of NICE DCV Remote Desktops for CAE in automotive/aviation:

1. Access to high-performance computing resources

Remote desktops give engineers and designers access to powerful computing resources, such as advanced processors and GPUs, that are usually not available on their local computers. This can significantly speed up simulations and other computationally intensive tasks, such as CFD and FEA, which are often used in the automotive and aerospace industries.

2. Collaboration

Remote desks allow engineers and designers to work together on the same project from different locations, which can be particularly useful for geographically dispersed teams. This allows for seamless communication and collaboration, even when team members are not in the same physical location.

3. Flexibility

Remote desks allow engineers and designers to work from anywhere, as long as they have an internet connection. This can be particularly beneficial for companies with employees who work remotely or travel frequently, giving them the ability to access their work and resources from anywhere.

4. Cost savings

Using remote desktops can help companies save on hardware and maintenance costs, as they don’t have to buy and maintain expensive workstations for each engineer or designer. This can result in significant cost savings over time.

5. Security

Remote desktops can help increase security by providing centralized control and management of data and software. This allows for better management and protection of sensitive data and intellectual property.

6. Scalability

Remote desktop technology allows for easy and quick scalability, as more resources can be added as needed. This is especially useful for businesses that are experiencing rapid growth or need to manage large workloads, as it allows them to scale up or down their resources as needed.

Read more about NICE DCV use cases for CAE in public case histories such as Volkswagen Passenger Cars Uses NICE DCV for High Performance 3D Remote Visualization.

HPC Professional Services

HPC From Desktop to Cloud

Still today, high-performance computing (HPC) is primarily associated with supercomputers. But today HPC can work at many scales, from desktop to cluster to cloud computing resources. Nevertheless, many misconceptions still surround HPC, preventing its deployment in product development scenarios where it could clearly provide great value.

Whatever your needs, we can support you in the whole HPC Ecosystem, get in tough and we’ll tell you more!

Lightning-fast read and write speeds


Are you looking for a reliable and high-performance data storage solution for your High-Performance Computing (HPC) needs? Look no further than our cutting-edge data storage solutions!

Our HPC data storage solutions are designed to handle the massive amounts of data generated by HPC workloads, offering lightning-fast read and write speeds, industry-leading capacity, and rock-solid reliability. Whether you’re running simulations, performing data analytics, or managing big data workloads, our data storage solutions provide the speed and capacity you need to get the job done right.

Our solutions are built on the latest storage technologies, including NVMe, SAS, and SATA, and are optimized to work seamlessly with the leading HPC software platforms. Plus, our solutions are designed to be easily scalable, so you can add capacity as your needs grow.

In addition to industry-leading performance and capacity, our data storage solutions are also designed with data security and integrity in mind. Our solutions include advanced data encryption and protection features, ensuring that your data is safe and secure at all times.

So if you’re looking for a data storage solution that can keep up with your HPC needs, look no further than our high-performance, scalable, and secure data storage solutions. Contact us today to learn more and get started!

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